SKY5TUD Exhibition Budgerigars


My birdroom is an extended 8 x6 shed which originally had a 8 x3 outside flight,i have enclosed the outside flight, and used it internally.                 


The inside is lined wit T&G PVC stapled into postion, the flight and main floor is tiled, the inside flight panels are made from aluminium box section, with the mesh rivited in place, there is also some storage under the flight


On the right are 9 22'' x 15'' x 15''  breeding/stock cages, these ate made from white face melamine, each cage has clear Perspex dividers to help increase light, All the nest boxes are Box within a Box i have made from Facia board cut to size and glued.


 Just recently i have added 2 all wire cages to use a stock cages for the youngsters before they are flighted