SKY5TUD Exhibition Budgerigars

How it all started

Back in 2007 my wife adopted 2 pet budgies, an Albino cock and a Greygreen hen, so i had them for a while, only the hen had a ring i had no idea how old the cock was. I contacted the Budgerigar Society to find out who had bred the hen, and left my number so the breeder could contact me.

2008 i moved and kitted out my 8 x 6ft shed, i have a covered outside flight 8 x 3 ft, 8 breeding cages, an inside flight 6 x 2 1/2 ft, a small worktop with storage underneath. All insulated with loft insulation, boarded out and painted, lighting and a 2 ft tube heater set to 10 degrees. A safari select air filter in the roof.

I began my first attempts at breeding in the september with some birds i have been given, my intentions just to learn how things are done and to gain experience in bird husbandry. Later that year i purchased some better stock and ventured into the Exhibition Budgerigar, I did not have a great feal of success with my first years breeding, i had all the problems you can get and only managed to ring 19 chicks for 09 show season, of which 7 of these were brother and sister.

I entered 3 shows that year HULL, my own club YORK and the world club show. For my first endevour into the show scene, all my hopes were to maybe get a class win, i surpased this by getting 4 class wins and 4th best beginner Young bird, this was followed up at York with 4 class wins and 2nd and 4th best Begginer young bird. This left Donny i would be competeing from exhibitors fro all over, i was fortunate enough to get 3 1st, 2nds 3rds in my classes enterd. Its not the winning for me although i was chuffed to bits, i have made lots of new freinds, and will make many more.