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Breeding so far

Posted by Darren Mckeown on February 9, 2011 at 4:38 PM

Out of the 9 pairs 5 were are raising chicks, 3 had clear rounds the last decided to abondon all the 6 full eggs she had 2 days before they were due to come off :(.

The 2 of the clear rounds were removed to go down again with no results and one maiden hen becomming eggbound which had to be eased out after 5 days these are now resting in the flight, one hen had the cock cahnged a has 6 full eggs first hatched yesterday, the hen that abandoned the eggs laid 3 days after they were removed, only 2 eggs and both clear these have been removed with the hope she will lay again.

I have rung 11 so far and have 2 hens on their second round fingers crossed for better


A nice hen 34 days old

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