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First sort out

Posted by Darren Mckeown on August 10, 2010 at 9:44 AM

Had my first cull now to reduce the numbers numbers and to give me a better idea of what i will finally retain as my breeding team for 2011, down to 38 and will have a better more detailed look once they have all molted out, with only having limited cages i need to be ruthless so to retain 16 hens 8 cocks. 


Posted by Darren Mckeown on July 7, 2010 at 8:29 AM

Had my first show of the season at Teeside Sunday 4th, had entered 11 birds but only managed to take nine due to the fact that quite a few of the birds were molting heavily some dropped flights and lots of pin feathers to early to break out, i had volunteer myself to steward, im still getting to grips with how the shows work and i find this a great help. I was not expecting any success and just took it as a day out,this was the first show for anumber of years for teeside, they were over 450 benched.

Best in show Phil Reaney Best op sex Newton & Sheperdson, this is where my day came i Got Best Begginer Young bird, followed buy Best beginner Any Age, to say i was over the moon is a slight understatement.


For the rest of the results see the shows 2010



up and downs

Posted by Darren Mckeown on May 14, 2010 at 4:39 AM

Recdently i lost the best chick i had bred this year the sky blue ablove, she was found dead on the nursery cage floor, she was sent away as pert of the Budgerigar Society Vetrinary Diagnosis Scheme within four days i had a written response from Dr Baker informing me of the results, it had died from a congestive heart problem it was born with, so a big releif i did not have to worry about the others.

I have had 3 cases of FM in my chicks, fortunately im comming to the end of breeding, and the whole room will go through a thotough deep clean and mass disinfectanting, which i would of done later in the year anyway. I was contemplating changing my nest boxes, and this has made my decision for me.

April !19th

Posted by Darren Mckeown on April 19, 2010 at 3:59 PM

Well i have rung 42 to date and letting those with chicks to finish of so to be rested, there are 3 pairs left 2 of which its just a case of wait and see, the last pair the cock has bred my best chick so far then hen is an big sky opaline 08 never raised a chick as allways had problems laying double yolkers this time after laying 2 soft shelled eggs is on 4 eggs so far with 2 fertile so fingers crossed. Roll on this better weather

Breeding for 2010

Posted by Darren Mckeown on March 11, 2010 at 4:49 PM

This being my second year breedig, i am concentrating on trying to create relations between my birds, with only having 8 breeding cages, i have to make the most out of space and try to maximise the number of chicks i produce.

Out of the pairs i originally paired up i was using 4 brothers 1 sister and also their mother and father, to try to get cousins from the siblings, uncles aunts/ half brothers-sisters from the parent pairings.

Due to the usual breeding problems and this cold spell, i have had to change some of the pairs around, and ended up with 2 seperate lines that i well try to keep seperate, and allow to develope.

I have rung 22 so far and im quite with 3 or 4 but time will tell how they come on. I have 8 more pinkies to ring and 3 nest of full eggs so things are improving.