SKY5TUD Exhibition Budgerigars

Into 2012

My first three years are now up and it is time to make the next step into the Novice section. No Out crosses have been introduced for the coming breeding season as I am concentrating on crossing over the few cocks that were brought in this season, to bring together families and hopefully combine features depth of mask / directional feathering. Not a bad year 3 CC's one of these at the club show so onwards and upwards.


I have been keeping budgerigars since April 2008, after visiting the BS club show in 2007 seeing the amount of birds there and deciding this is something i would like to become involved in. I Joined the BS in 2008, then in 2009 became a York & District Budgerigar society. I am currently both the treasurer and assistant show manager.YORK 

I have a small set up of a 9ft x 8ft with 9 breeding cages and an inside flight of 8ft x 21/2 ft, this is PVC lined with a tiled floor,enough for the moment but with having you children the garden space is a premium.

I keep only Normals Pieds and the odd Spangle. The lines i have are G&A Moore Dairycoates.. 2013 will be my second year as a Novice and im hoping to push for a section win this year.

Hoping for better this year